• Expertise - Professionnalism
    The certainty of
    a trusting relationship
  • Expertise - Professionnalism
    The certainty of
    a trusting relationship

Practical aspects

Expertise ...

RINEAU & Associés is eager to address its clients' requirements and to initiate a mutual confidence.
As such, RINEAU & Associés' team is at your total disposal to answer your questions regarding our charging policy.

The fees

RINEAU & Associés' fees are usually computed by refering to a hourly fee that varies mainly according to:

  • the experience or specialization of the attorney or team of attorneys in charge of the case,
  • the complexity of the legal issue at hand,
  • the amount of interest at stake and the potential gains the client is likely to make.

Specific agreements can also be made that will provide a partial billing depending on the results achieved.

This matter of the financial terms upon which RINEAU & Associés will intervene is raised with the beginning of relationship, in order to provide transparency and to set up the system that best suits the situation.

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