• Expertise - Professionnalism
    The certainty of
    a trusting relationship
  • Expertise - Professionnalism
    The certainty of
    a trusting relationship

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Maitre Rineau - fondateur du cabinet d'avocats d'affaire Rineau et associés
Mr. Bernard RINEAU

Les bureaux du cabinet d'avocats d'affaire nantes

Since 2009, the attorneys at RINEAU & ASSOCIES law firm are giving advices and representing the companies and their managers, as well as individuals, and are bringing efficient answers to the legal issues they are encountering.

QUALITY, TECHNICAL RIGOUR, PRAGMATISM, INDEPENDANCE and READINESS are the essential values that allwed the Law Firm to expand : as a consequence, since its birth, the Firm has opened new offices in PARIS, RENNES and SAINT-NAZAIRE.

* * *

Oriented toward commercial law and business law in general, the Firm enjoys a solide appraisal- and reputation - in business litigations (contractual/tortious liability, breach of contract, wrongful termination of negotiation or of business relations, contract termination or resolution, unfair competition, complex M&A litigation, mismanagement...) as well as in banking law and in accompanying and representing struggling businesses.

Within this context, the Firm very regurlarly intervenes, alongside the managers and professionals, at each and every levels of the company's crisis recovery process, whenever it is confronted with legal and economical risks :

  • upstream, during the corporate difficulties processes (ad hoc mandate, conciliation), in order to prevent any failure ;
  • downstream, whichever the kind and stage of the collective insolvency proceeding (proceeding's opening, sauvegarde plan, modifying the plan - sauvegarde proceeding, receivership, liquidation).

Our experience in dealing with those proceedings, our knowledge of the professionals of this particular field, the bonds established with the main actors of these proceedings, as well as our excellent familiarity with the legislation and practices relevant to this field, make possible for our Firm to provide the struggling companies with a swift and wise advice regarding the suitable strategy to implement, the proceedings to consider, as well as a high-standard support during the whole process (restructuring, debt rescheduling, terms of payment, moratorium).

The involvement of the Firm is total and inseparable of a relationship of mutual trust, necessary to a succesful endeavour.

The expertise developped by the Firm in supporting the struggling companies leads it also regularly to intervene for the procedure apparatus (receivers, judicial representatives).

* * *

Since 2009, while maintaining and developping the activities as described thereafter, and by demand of its cleints, the Firm has gradually, year aftyer year, strengthened its internal ressources and broadened its skills in order to cover the whole field of business law.

This is the reason why the Firm is now regularly intervening, both as advisors and for litigation, in the following fields :

  • Public business law (planning legislation, public contratcs and public service delegation agreements, civil service reglementation, administrative liability, authorisations and administrative police litigations, local governements general law)
  • Real estate law (construction law, property development, co-ownership, commercial and residential property leases)
  • Employment law (individual and labour relations, proceedings before labour courts and wage-guarantee insurance (AGS), social security disputes)
  • Corporate law (company formation, legal secretary, transfer of business, protection of members and share holders)
  • Contract law (negotiation, drafting, renewal, resiliation, forced execution, legal assurances)
  • Competition and distribution law (networks, liability, termination of commercial relations, unfair competition and free-riding)
  • Criminal business law (misuse of company assets, breach of trust, fraud, bankruptcy...)
  • Intellectual property law (brand and trademarks protection, design law, copyright protection)
  • Security law and enforcement measures and actions (seizure of property, garnishing of wages, special seizures)
  • Tax law (direct and indirect taxes, companies and managers)

In 2017, the law Firm RINEAU & ASSOCIÉS continues its expansion by strengthening its teams, in order to guarantee responsiveness and availability.

Gather more details about the whole range of skills made available by RINEAU & ASSOCIÉS by browsing through our dedicated FIELDS OF EXPERTISES page.

F e e s

The Fees

RINEAU & Associés' fees are usually computed by refering to a hourly fee that varies mainly according to:

  • the experience or specialization of the attorney or team of attorneys in charge of the case,
  • the complexity of the legal issue at hand,
  • the amount of interest at stake and the potential gains the client is likely to make.

Specific agreements can also be made that will provide a partial billing depending on the results achieved.

This matter of the financial terms upon which RINEAU & Associés will intervene is raised with the beginning of relationship, in order to provide transparency and to set up the system that best suits the situation.

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