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    The certainty of
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  • Expertise - Professionnalism
    The certainty of
    a trusting relationship

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In order to address the complexity of the law and the needs of its clients, the RINEAU & Associés law firm has gradually expanded and offers at the present time a judicial expertise ranging througout the whole business law.

  • Insolvency law and amicable settlement procedures
    Since its inception, RINEAU & Associés has developped a sharp expertise over a whole range of preventive tools and handling of struggling companies.
    RINEAU & Associés is the reference partner when analysing companies' difficulties and determining optimal solutions.

    RINEAU & Associés intervenes notably within the following framesets :
    • Preventative proceedings : ad hoc mandate, conciliation,
    • Judicial proceedings : protection, recovery, liquidation,
    • Insolvency law special litigations : déclarations de créances, vérification du passif, actions en revendication, actions en responsabilité civile et pénale, etc...

    RINEAU & Associés is also assisting you with :
    • Negociating, preparing and implementing continuation plans, disposal sale plans, takeover bids...
    • Your relations the various interlocutors of the procedure (creditors, judicial representative, receiver, official receiver...).
  • Business law
    At national and international levels, RINEAU & Associés advises and assists its clients with any business law problems, including :
    • Advice and litigation for business contracts : commercial property leases, management lease, sales agreement, sales representative...
    • Sale of a business.
    • Pre or post-acquisitions litigations and share-holders issues,
    • Advice and litigation in matters of debt collection, simple or complex, in France or abroad.
    • Arbitration procedure.
  • Competition and distribution law
    At national and international levels, RINEAU & Associés advises and assists its clients in setting up all forms of distribution networks as well as in implementing the rules that govern the market, including litigations within :
    • Distribution networks : franchise, concession, commercial agency...
    • Liability cases,
    • Termination of established commercial relationships,
    • Unfair competition actions, parasitism, counterfeiting.
  • Insurance law
    At national and international levels, RINEAU & Associés regularly intervenes within the insurance sector, most notably in the matter of land and buildings (general insurance), health insurance (individual insurance policy) and for loss claims (fire, industrial risks, etc.) :
    • Assistance and representation in amicable and judicial expertise procedures,
    • Insurance law litigations : civil liability, assessment of damages...
  • Contract law
    At national and international levels, RINEAU & Associés intervenes at every stage of the contract's life :
    • Negociation and drafting of the contract,
    • Contract handling,
    • Renewal or termination,
    • Forced execution,
    • Implementation of legal safeguards (hidden defect, compliance...),
    • Contractual liability.
  • Property security law and implementing measures
    In order to secure the trial's results and the enforcement of the courts' decisions, either in France or abroad, RINEAU & Associés also handles :
    • Judicial property security : judicial hypothecs, provisional measures (sequestration, protective attachment...),
    • Conventional property security : pledged property, pledging, mortage, surety bond, promissory note, letter of intent...
    • Enforcement of courts decisions : foreclosure and attachment of real estate, attachment of earnings, proceedings before the enforcement judge...
  • Banking and financial law
    Both in France and abroad, RINEAU & Associés handles banking law cases and advises and assists its clients in the following fields :
    • Management of relations and litigations with banking organizations,
    • Banks' liability,
    • Sureties law,
    • TEG (Annual Percentage Rate) disputes.
  • Labour law
    In France and abroad, RINEAU & Associés also handles labour law cases, and more specifically :
    • Individual working relations : validity of the labour contract, handling and interruption of the contract (termination and dismissal, termination by mutual consent), disciplinary sanctions...
    • Collective labour relations : collective agreements, elections...
    • Proceedings before the tribunals, guaranteed wages insurance...
    • Criminal Labour Law,
    • Social security litigations.
  • Corporate law

    As a business law firm, RINEAU & Associés also handles, on a daily basis, corporate law cases.

    Our firm can handle any stage of a company's life, from its inception to its transfer, either in France or abroad.

    RINEAU & Associés also handles :

    • The formation of companies and their daily legal life (statutes drafting and deposit, general meetings, statutory modifications, assistance conventions...),
    • Transfer of companies and litigations that can occur in this occasion (letter of intent, sale protocole, liability guarantee...),
    • Protection of the rights of the associates and shareholders (shareholders' agreement, rights to information, right to vote, financial law, litigations between associates or shareholders...).
  • Tax legislation
    RINEAU & Associés supports companies and individuals with tax matters and represents and defends its clients from the first stage of a tax inspection till its possible litigation issue.
  • Property legislation
    RINEAU & Associés has developped a comprehensive expertise in the field of property legislation :
    • Construction law,
    • Property development,
    • Co-ownership and tenancy law,
    • Commercial and residential property leases.

    Our firm will advise and assist clients who wish to carry out a real estate operation or who wish to seek the liability of the various parties involved within this operation, and specifically regarding legal guarantees (two-year and ten-year guarantees).

    RINEAU & Associé assists its clients along all the stages of the case, from the forensic examination to the possible litigation.

  • Public law
    RINEAU & Associés advises local authorities as well as companies and individuals challanged with public law issues :
    • Planning legislation : building permits, PLU (Local Urbanism Plan), pre-emptive rights, expropriation, management and occupation of public land,
    • Procurement law and public service delegation : procurement methods, performance of the contract or delegation, compensation litigation,
    • Public service law : disciplinary procedure, transfer, moral harassement,
    • Public liability law : accidents, damages linked to public work, public authorities abandonment of actions,
    • Authorisations and administrative police litigations : licences and approvals for regulated professions, general and special police (traffic, advertizing, establishments servicing the public etc.)
    • General law of local authorities : set up and modification of the cooperation inter-communal structures, management of local public services, relations between local authorities and associations, semi-public or public local companies, freedom of expression by elected officials, electoral law.
  • Criminal business law
    RINEAU & Associésadvises and assists companies' managers facing criminal issues, linked with business life, both as defendant and plaintiff. RINEAU & Associés handles the following issues on a daily basis :
    • Bankruptcy,
    • Misuse of company assets,
    • Breach of trust,
    • Forgery,
    • Scam.
  • Computer law
    At national and international levels, RINEAU & Associés advises and assists its clients with the computer law issues they are facing, among which :
    • Enforcing the personnal data reglementation (French Computer and Personnal Freedom Law (Loi Informatique et Liberté), GDPR, CNIL),
    • Auditing your information systems, in partnership with IT service provider for the non-judicial part,
    • Help with drafting your IT contracts,
    • IT contracts litigations,
    • Protecting your Software with Intellectual Property.
  • Intellectual Property

    RINEAU & Associés handles cases dealing with the protection of intellectual property :

    • Trademarks, brands and design protection : objection procedure, intellectual property claim, loss of property or invalidity,
    • Copyright enforcement,
    • Infringement and unfair competition actions : seizure for counterfeiting, detention under customs control, bailiff's report, summons and urgent proceeedings.

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